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Music Editing For Film And Television – The Art and The Process

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Book Reviews: Music Editing for Film and Television 

“I can confidently say that this book would be an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to become a music editor for film and tv.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this guy work, and I can say first-hand he knows his stuff. He’s been a music editor for the better part of 20 years, and his meticulous work ethic is no doubt displayed in the thoroughness of the material.”

A must have for anyone trying to get their bearings in this industry.” – Nathan A. Furst, Composer


MOTION PICTURE EDITORS GUILD – Book Review in CINE~MONTAGE, winter, 2015 (page 51)

“This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone considering a career in music editing, as well as a really useful reference book for anyone in sound post-production…Steven Saltzman is obviously a gifted teacher, as the book gently introduces you to who’s who in the team involved, through providing the music track plus detailed observations from working professionals in an easy Q&A style…This book will most certainly go on my list of recommended reading for up-and-coming sound department professionals.”  – Wendy Laybourn FBKS, Network Nine News

“Sound, as they say, is fifty-percent of the film. Music is one-third of the sound design and Steven Saltzman, along with his compilation of interviews from various professionals in the industry, explores what it is, why it is so important, how it all works, and many different situations that arise while in music editing and filmmaking processes.

A lot can be learned from this book about all the ins and outs of music editing, including the small things that normally get brushed over. He explains the role of the music editor and how it fits in with the sound design team to create a cohesive piece as well as how it fits into post-production in general and finally how it fits into the entire scope of the filmmaking process, making it very clear for beginners and professionals alike to understand. He explains who the music editor will be working with, from the Director and Producer all the way down to the Composer and Music Mixer.

Saltzman does a fantastic jobs at detailing the work the music editor will go through from the beginning to the end. He explains where the work begins after the production stage of the film up to the delivery of all the work that had been done at the end, while not leaving a single step out in between. He discusses all the different types of music editing that can be done, from source music to orchestrated pieces and how to address them properly in the editing process.

The interviews in the book are a fantastic bonus as well. Hearing the real life experience of industry professionals shows how versatile the filmmaking process is and gaining the perspective of some of their insights may be able to help editors in their own future endeavors or give them hope when something has gone terribly wrong for these top notch professionals.

This book is not only a good resource for music editors, but for anyone who is a part of the filmmaking process. It teaches how music enhances the emotion of a film which is something that not only the Director, but the Cinematographer or even the Gaffer may find beneficial to do their respective jobs.” – By Ashley Kristoff in In Our Opinion

“Music Editing for Film and TV production has always required a unique set of skills and procedural knowledge that complement the inter-relationship of sound and visual elements of each individual production. The skill set and creative experience of a music editor must continue to meet the ever-changing complexities of professional work. Steve Saltzman’s book is a noble effort that presents these challenges and remedies in an relaxed, but comprehensive manner. If music editing for film and TV is of interest to you, the invaluable information within his book will both enlighten and inspire you.” – by Don Wilkins, Chair Emeritus, Berklee Film Scoring Department

“Making music for the movies is a complicated, involved, and challenging process. Music Editing for Film and Television covers the practical skills needed to successfully hone your craft. Through an overview of the music editing process, this book will equip you with detailed techniques to solve musical problems encountered during editing.” – Lori Barth, The Score